Bristol Junior Triathlon 2020

The Bristol Childrens Triathlon will be held at Henbury Leisure Centre

 Race start approximately 12:10pm

 Registration will be open from 10:15 and 12:30pm with priority for youth and Tri 3 in the first 1 hr and 15 minutes. TriStart and Tr1 1 & 2 can register later should they wish but registration will close promptly at 12:30.

 Youth and Tri 3 events will start at 12pm and 12:10pm.

 No entries will be allowed on the day.

 Age Groups and Race Distances (Races will be in the below order from midday)


Tri Age




Youth 12:10pm start


400m - 16 lenghts

5.4k - 6 laps

3.0k - 5 laps

Tri 3


300m - 12 lengths

5.4k - 6 laps

2.4k- 4 laps

Tri Start


50m - 2 lengths

0.9k - 1 lap

0.6k - 1 lap

Tri 1


150m - 6 lengths

1.8k - 2 laps

1.2k - 2 laps

Tri 2


200m - 8 lengths

3.6k - 4laps

1.8k - 3 laps

Arrival and Parking

We would ask you to arrive at Henbury School for registration between 10.30pm and 12:30pm. Registration closes at 12:30pm. We are unable to accept athletes arriving for register after this time, as the marshals will have additional duties elsewhere, so please allow plenty of time for your journey to the event.

Competitors/parents are asked to park only in the School car park area. Car parking is free. Please then make your way over to the Leisure Centre.